The Veganuary Linky Post

January is here which of course means a big push for vegan awareness and the Veganuary challenge, which I'm guessing many of the UK Vegan Bloggers will be getting behind. So to help, here is a Veganuary linky for you to take part in.

UK Vegan Bloggers Veganuary Linky

Here on UK Vegan Bloggers we're all about helping and supporting. Not just the community but other bloggers who are looking to share vegan content so this linky is for you.

What Is A Linky?

For those who aren't in the blogging scene, a linky is basically a thread used to link up multiple blog posts that are based on a theme. This could be money saving, crafts, seasonal etc and for January we're hosting a vegan-themed one.

From February we'll have a general linky that is open to vegetarianism too but for January we're looking to hook you up with all things vegan.

How To Take Part In The Veganuary Linky

You simply click the link below, fill out a few details and your post is then connected. Easy!

However, there are a few rules in order for your post to qualify.

  1. The post must have been written since 29th December 2017 - this is only for new posts, not for older ones.
  2. The post must be about veganism - it can be a recipe, a review, an information piece or whatever niche you want as long as it's vegan related.
  3. You can share more than one post.
  4. After submitting your post you MUST comment on at least three other posts. This needs to be done within 48 hours of adding your post. This will be checked and the link to your post removed if you fail to do this.
  5. You must include this line of text, including the link, to show you're taking part. "I’m linking up with the UK Vegan Bloggers for the Veganuary linky."

You are free to share other people's posts from the linky but it's not necessary. Chammy will personally comment on each post, pin to the UK Vegan Blogger Pinterest board (and other appropriate boards on her account) and share each post via the UKVB social media accounts.

You do not need to be a part of the UK Vegan Bloggers community to take part, nor do you need to be a vegan. As long as your post meets the requirements you're welcome to share.

Want to become part of the UK Vegan Bloggers community? Click here for more info.

UK Vegan Bloggers Veganuary Linky

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