February Linky - #Februdairy And #Veguary

So, January has come and gone in a flash. Looking through the Facebook pages the last couple of days would indicate that Veganuary was very successful again this year which is awesome. But the fun isn't over yet, for February we have #Februdairy and #Veguary to support. Here to help with that is the February Linky.

February linky

What Is #Veguary?

Veguary is Veganuary's vegetarian option. For people who aren't quite ready to go full vegan for a month they can take part in Veguary for the next 28 days.

We'll all agree that cutting the meat out is a huge step for anyone who is looking to better themselves, the environment and obviously, the welfare of these animals. While going full vegan is the preferred option amongst most of our bloggers, vegetarian is certainly in the right direction.

So, if you're taking part in #Veguary then we wish you all the luck and we'll know that you'll do your very best; and we'll hopefully see you for #Veganuary next year.

What About #Februdairy?

Februdairy is the dairy industry's attempt to show people that dairy is good for them in an attempted to recoup the lost sales they're recently been experiencing. For many vegans, including us here at UKVB HQ, it's the perfect way to show consumers that dairy really is scary.

Hijacking the hashtag is a great way to show people just what goes into their glass of milk, their blocks of cheese and tubs of yoghurt. Many of them having never been shown the truth.

So, if you're writing about dairy this February, make sure you add the #February tag to your shares.

February's Linky

Unlike January, there isn't a set theme for this month's linky. It is open to all things vegan and vegetarian - including the #Februdairy and #Veguary themes for the month. Yes, I know they kinda contrict each other.

If you'd like to take part then you're more than welcome, all we ask is that the actual post you're sharing is vegan/vegetarian-friendly. This can be recipes, reviews, opinion pieces or whatever else you fancy writing.

We do have a few rules though, so please read them before taking part in the February Linky.

  1. You can share more than one post.
  2. After submitting your post you MUST comment on at least three other posts. This needs to be done within a week of adding your post. This will be checked and the link to your post removed if you fail to do this.
  3. You must include this line of text, including the link, to show you're taking part. "I’m linking up with the UK Vegan Bloggers for the Veganuary linky." Or add the HTML code to your post to include the badge.

UKVB Badge 250x250

You are free to share other people's posts from the linky but it's not necessary. Chammy will personally comment on each post, pin to the UK Vegan Blogger Pinterest board (and other appropriate boards on her account) and share each post via the UKVB social media accounts.

You do not need to be a part of the UK Vegan Bloggers community to take part, nor do you need to be a vegan. As long as your post meets the requirements you're welcome to share.

Want to become part of the UK Vegan Bloggers community? Click here for more info.

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