The main aim of UK Vegan Bloggers is having a community that wants to contribute, so post submissions are very welcome. If you have something you’d like to submit to the site then please read on.

Community Member

Most of the focus for contributions are given to our community. These are the people who get involved and help support each other, taking the time to share, like and get involved. If you’d like to become a community member then head over to the “Join The Community” page for more information.

These members have the option to contribute either as and when or become a regular contributor where they have the freedom to post as often as they wish, subject to final approval.

All members must be bloggers and follow a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

Guest Submissions From Non-Vegan Bloggers

On occasion, we’re happy to accept guest posts from other bloggers who are not vegan/vegetarian as long as the post is appropriate to the website. ie. of a vegan/vegetarian nature.

If you are a blogger and would like to contribute an article to the website then please fill out the form below. We aim to respond to you within 48 hours to inform you as to whether your post meets our approval and when you can expect the post to go live.

You will be tagged on social media when your post goes live so you’re able to share with your own followers.

We allow one link to your blog, this can be to the homepage or a specific post. You can also include your social media links.

Guest Submissions From Non-Bloggers

If you’re not a blogger but fancy a chance to write for us then we welcome you. Obviously, the same conditions apply in that you need to write content that is appropriate for a vegan/vegetarian website and audience.

Don’t worry if you’ve never written a post before. Just get your thoughts down and we’ll make it fit our style/provide images.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll email you within 48 hours to let you know if we’ll be featuring your post.

Promoting Your Brand/Company

If you’re looking to promote you’re own brand/website/company and want to include links then we shall discuss a fee for your post, these will not be free of charge as we don’t offer free publicity to those looking to making a profit from a post on our site.

Please email us at to discuss this. If you use the submission form below and we deem you to be looking for free promotion then you will be automatically invoiced for your post.

Submitting A Post

Please review the guidelines below before submitting your post to us. If your post doesn’t meet these guidelines then you’ll be informed of why; you are then free to redo and resubmit your post.

All posts must meet these guidelines:

  • Posts are unique, so you’ve written it yourself for this site only.
  • Posts are a minimum of 300 words.
  • Images can be sent if successful and must be free to use (preferably from places such as Pixabay, Pexel etc), if they are your own images then make that clear.
  • No affiliate links but a link back to your own site is fine.

All posts are subject to editing as the admins feel fit. This can include:

  • Adding additional internal and external links, including affiliates to help support this website.
  • General spelling, grammar and punctuation edits.
  • Change of the layout of the post (such as adding a header or adding a paragraph).
  • Any posts that arrive requiring more than minor edits will be declined and you’ll be informed.