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Let's get to know...Virtual Wombat

Virtual Wombat is a one-man webcomic wizard and blogger. He spends his night's working as an engineer and his days (when not asleep) drawing animals in strange and very human situations, obviously with his wombat sidekick. Let's find out a little more about Aaron, the guy behind the comics and blog.

UK Vegan Bloggers Bio Virtual Wombat

Firstly, are you a vegan or vegetarian and how long have you been one?

I tried veganism in 2016 but due to being a weak bastard with no willpower, I quickly fell off the wagon. It wasn't until this year (2017) with my gallbladder problems coming to a head that I finally made the switch for good and this time I did my research. I've learned so much about the conditions animals are kept in, the conditions they endure and how unnecessary it is for a human to consume animal products that my outlook on food and health has completely changed for the better.

What was the thing that made you switch?

The first thing that really triggered the switch was a lot of research on the health benefits to veganism. As a bit of science nerd and someone who has suffered from numerous digestive issues for years, I was really interested in whether a major diet reform could be the answer to my painful problems.

It was only as an extension to that and after watching "Land of Hope and Glory" that I actually realised just how badly livestock are treated in the UK. I don't mind admitting that I cried my eyes out throughout the entire documentary and my outlook on the farming industry would be forever changed.

So, tell us about Virtual Wombat

Virtual Wombat actually started out as a blog where I basically leaked the musings of my mind. However, I've always been an artist at heart and I was craving a proper outlet for my artistic tendencies. The site has gradually evolved into a fully fledged webcomic in which cartoon animals find themselves in weird human situations.

I guess, the humour is an acquired taste but so far most feedback seems to be in the positive. I also continue to blog although much of the content revolves around tech and strategies to help others scratch their creative itch online.

Do you write about veganism/vegetarianism on your blog? If not, why not?

It's not really a fit for my website but that isn't to say that I don't get involved where I feel it's needed. I'll be planning several comics to accompany Veganuary and though I have written several posts on veganism in the past, you'll be able to find them here.

What’s your most popular post and why?

I did a post about Dad jokes much earlier this year that garnered a lot of attention, it was picked up on StumbleUpon so I guess it was enjoyed. I suppose everyone loves a good Dad joke which is why it's been so popular.

What’s your favourite comic you've drawn (so far), and why?

The Halloween one, mainly because I enjoyed the play on words. You'll have to visit the page and take a look to see what I mean!

What is the biggest piece of advice you'd give to someone thinking about switching to veganism/vegetarianism?

Though this may be controversial, I found my first attempt at switching to veganism to be too reliant on alternatives. This time, I cut out the fake burgers and other such substitutes and switched to an almost exclusively whole food, plant-based diet. In the process, I learned a lot about my palette, about cooking and mostly about how unnecessary the "protein portion" with every meal truly is.

Trust me, the substitutes are completely unnecessary and if you learn to make your vegetables sing, and keep your diet varied from day to day, you'll never have to worry about it.

What’s your favourite thing to eat?

SOUP! With homemade bread. It's surprising just how much pleasure can be derived from a wholesome bowl of vegetable soup and a loaf you crafted with your own hands. Mushroom and Chestnut Wellington is a close second.

Why are you part of UK Vegan Bloggers?

Because I'm a vegan and I was forced by Chammy. No really, I'm passionate about spreading the word that there is a kinder, better, healthier way of life. All you need to do to achieve your health and weight loss goals is cut the crap and stop eating what you were never intended to eat.

Who are your three favourite vegans? They can be regular folk, celebrities or fellow bloggers.

Mic. The Vegan is an incredible YouTuber who will gracefully rebut the claims of idiots with the power of science. All his videos are backed up by proper peer-reviewed studies.

Dr Greger is a passionate evangelist for the plant-based diet and its many benefits for the health of the population. His website,, is a must-read for anybody worried that a vegan diet will leave them malnourished. A worry that is completely unfounded and perpetuated by the meat and dairy industry by the way.

Last but not least, the wife has to come in third as she cooks most of my food. Love you Chammy.

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