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Jess from Vegan Adventurist wanted to offer something slightly different to the regular vegan blogs which cover recipes, beauty and all the everyday aspects of veganism. Seeing a gap in the blogging market, she started her blog to cover all aspects of being a vegan who liked the great outdoors and adventure. So, if a walk in the peaks is up your street then here is a little more about her blog.

Blogger Bio Vegan Adventurist

Firstly, are you a vegan or vegetarian and how long have you been one?

I'm vegan and have been for just over a year now. Before that, I was vegetarian for about 13 years. I'm really pleased to have finally made the switch.

What was the thing that made you switch?

I love trying new foods and so particularly love going to food fairs. In 2016/17 I ended up going to quite a lot of vegan food fairs in a short amount of time and it really opened up my eyes to the problems within the dairy and egg industries. It sounds silly, but I didn't realise the extent of the horrors before. I then decided to switch and haven't looked back since.

So, tell us about Vegan Adventurist

I run a blog called Vegan Adventurist. It's all about the latest vegan outdoor gear and things you need for an active lifestyle. Like vegan foods you can pack easily and take hiking, natural deodorants that actually work and also really cool places to explore in the UK and around the world.

Do you write about veganism/vegetarianism on your blog? If not, why not?

Most things have a vegan theme like vegan hiking boots or vegan-friendly recipes, but I also want to explore more about sustainability and how to lead a sustainable life. Veganism comes into this, but it's also about how to reduce waste, plastic use etc.

What’s your most popular post and why?

At the moment I'd have to say my ultimate guide to vegan hiking boots. Finding a vegan hiking boot is actually really tricky, as although synthetic boots are common most brands don't know if they use animal-free glues and dyes. This was a problem I struggled with personally and so I spent a lot of time contacting different companies to check what boots were vegan-friendly. I then compiled a list and it's ended up being my most popular piece. I'm hoping it saves people a lot of time and hassle.

What’s your favourite post, and why?

Probably my interview with vegan athlete Dustin Hinton. It was really fascinating chatting to him and learning about his journey. The way he turned his life around was really inspiring.

What is the biggest piece of advice you'd give to someone thinking about switching to veganism/vegetarianism?

I think probably that it's not as hard as you may think. They are so many vegan substitutes now for things like yoghurts and cheese that it's never been easier to make the switch. I'd also say take your time and do/eat what you think is right.

What’s your favourite thing to eat?

Hummus, 100%.

Why are you part of UK Vegan Bloggers?

Because I want to connect with and be part of a group that's promoting a better more sustainable life. Plus it's fun!

Who are your three favourite vegans? They can be regular folk, celebrities or fellow bloggers.

Scott Jurek, Vegan Richa and Fiona Oakes.

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