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As a former anti-vegan who is now Vegan for the animals, Mark from The Vegan Bear eats, sleeps and breathes veganism. This blogger isn't afraid to ask the serious questions such as "Is it legal to eat my dog" so let's find out a little more about him and what he does as The Vegan Bear.

UK Vegan Blogger Bio The Vegan Bear

Firstly, are you a vegan or vegetarian and how long have you been one?

I’m vegan and have been for nearly two years (March 2016).

What was the thing that made you switch?

Trying to disprove Gary Yourofsky's Georgia tech speech after my fiancé asked me to watch it. Before then I was a massive meat, dairy and egg-eater and would make fun of vegans and argue like crazy.

So, tell us about The Vegan Bear

My site has a variety of posts relating to the variety of jobs and roles I have. I’m a health and safety/environmental officer in day job so I touch on vegan safety shoes and employees rights to have them provided. I’m an admin for the Veganuary Facebook group so post about what’s going on with Veganuary and offering supportive posts and “newbie” information. Also, I'm the founder of Devon Animal Save so have posts related to activism, and I’m a restaurant data assistant for Vanilla Bean so post about places to eat.

I also post my opinions and thoughts on a variety of things and food posts. I have started doing free giveaways of things I review to get other's thoughts on them too.

Do you write about veganism/vegetarianism on your blog? If not, why not?

Yes I do, as a vegan, it’s the law to tell everyone about veganism. ;)

What’s your most popular post and why?

My post regarding the RSPCA answering my questions about whether I can kill my dog and eat her. I think it’s most popular because it’s an interesting question for an animal charity to answer and the answers are quite interesting as well. Plus it’s recently featured on Veganuary's website and driven some additional traffic to it.

What’s your favourite post, and why?

My favourite post is called “Herbivorous Humans.....” and I enjoy the style it’s written in. It’s laid back but informative. Hopefully some humour in there to keep people reading and puts to bed a few arguments about how we aren’t meant to eat meat.

I also like the post “Bacon causes cancer. Fact” as it touches on the carcinogenic properties of processed and red meats.

What is the biggest piece of advice you'd give to someone thinking about switching to veganism/vegetarianism?

Do it.

The biggest regret vegans have is not going vegan sooner. Do it, read up for support and what accidentally vegan foods there are. Find your reason for doing it and keep that in mind. Veganuary offers great support and advice. Pretty much any vegan will help you. Don’t let others put you off. When challenged about it, don’t be scared to say your reasons.

Veganism is great for the body, mind and soul.

What’s your favourite thing to eat?

I normally lie when I’m asked this and say something extravagant, but my favourite food is warm baked beans and bread and (vegan) butter. A triple-decker baked bean and cheese sandwich. Or pizza.

Why are you part of UK Vegan Bloggers?

I want to help in any way I can to support new and existing vegans and hopefully encourage pregans (pre vegans) on their way. To spread the message far and wide with other like-minded people to get a variety of views and opinions and advice out there.

Who are your three favourite vegans? They can be regular folk, celebrities or fellow bloggers.

My fiancé number one as she is so incredible and a great advert for veganism and the kindest most amazing person.

I try not to have hero’s as hero’s are people and people can make mistakes. But Gary Yourofsky, whether you love or loathe him, the impact he made by turning so many people vegan is incredible. And he encouraged me to start Devon Animal Save.

It’s tricky to name a third, I’d go with Matthew and Jane who founded Veganuary, it’s such an amazing charity and turned so many people vegan. 2017 60000 people signed up with over 65% still vegan after three months.

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