UK Vegan Bloggers is basically what the name implies, a community of vegan/vegetarian bloggers and creators based in the UK. This website is a collaborative place where creators from all niches can come together to share their thoughts, feelings and views on anything and everything to do with their vegan/vegetarian lifestyles.

We provide a network for us to share our experiences, improve our blogs and promote opportunities. It’s also a place for us to come together and voice the issues we care about through national campaigns and joint content. From restaurant reviews and recipes to the latest health and fitness information. Everything is covered when it comes to leading a kinder lifestyle.

We love to work with brands, PR and journalists to connect them with our bloggers for content, case studies and other opportunities.

The Admin Team

The website is run and administered by husband and wife team, Chammy from ChammyIRL and Aaron from Virtual Wombat.

Chammy is a UK Lifestyle blogger and online freelancer. She spends her time running three websites, including this one and the community attached to it, as well as anything else she can find. She is also a moderator on The Money Shed Forum, a member of the UK Money Bloggers and works with multiple other communities, such as Mumsnet and Britmums. When she isn’t working she is a mum to their son and enjoys listening to rock music, playing games and watching anything on Netflix.

Aaron is a telecommunications engineer by night and by day (after he has snuck some sleep in) he is a webcomic artist and blogger. He spends all of his free time building up his website which includes drawing many wonderful cartoon animals in very human-like situations, if he gets free-time from his free-time then his other interests include gaming, photography and Netflix.

The Bloggers

UKVB is very much a community of other bloggers who each have their own site, style and way of talking to the world. If you want to know more about each member of the community then head to their own bio page.

Members come from all different niches such as lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty and health – even YouTubers and creative artists. We offer a huge range of talent and opinions from our community but all have one thing in common, we’re trying to make the world better by letting the animals live their own lives.

Guest Posts

While we are very much focused on posts written by the community, guest posts from non-vegans and non-bloggers are welcomed as long as they tie in with the websites theme.


If you’d like to hear more then get in contact with us, details are on the “Contact Us” page.